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griot said...

Champ, I hear you and Minister Baker always talking about bringing forth Information, Education, and Therapy. Well I hear plenty of Information, and some of what you may call Therapy, but little of what I would call real EDUCATION. And I mean EDUCATION that may break the chains of mental Slavery. In fact it seems that You and perticularly Min. Baker want to stay with the status quo by mainly telling folks to seek prayer, and to seek Jesus as our way out of the SYSTEMATIC Slavery that befalls Our People.
Some of the first European Settlers to come to the U.S. were the Puritans, who were Protestant
( PROTEST-ant ), who opposed the Church practices of England and expoused to practice a more purer moral code than that of England and the practices of Englands King.
A lot of Puritans ended up owning SLAVES, and tried to use religion to gain control of Indian lands.
The African Slaves, who were STOLEN and KIDNAPPED from their Native lands of WEST AFRICA: NIGERIA, TOGO, BENIN, GHANA, ect.
more than likly practiced their ANCESTRAL religion of Ifa, also known as (Orisha)in Africa, (Santeria)in many Hispanic Cultures, Lucumi, Macumba and Candomble in other Cultures
The Ifa faith was practiced by the Yoruba people of West Africa for thousands of years and the religion
can be traced back to early Ethiopia and Kemetic/Egyptian cilvilizations. The closest religion that resembles Ifa in America is Catholicism, in which the Catholics have Saints/Gods and the Ifa religion has Deities/Gods.
And of the slaves that weren't following the Ifa religion, they were already converted to Islam around 711 AD and it wasn't until the mid to late 1400's before the Potugese started the Slave trade with Spain and France not to far behind them in the Slave trade, isn't it interesting that the Black Moorish empire invaded and held rule over these countries from around 711AD until around 1400 AD which also included Rome? and all four have a heavy population that are Catholics.
If you research the Moorish Empire, you will find that they got their name from the African country of Morocco but if you trace them back further you will find that they originally came from around Sudan/Nubia the largest country in Africa and the Country you have to walk through to get from Ethiopia to Egypt.
Countries of Sudan in the Bible are: Pathros in Jeremiah 44:1 and Thebes/No-Amon in Nahum 3:8 in fact King Tirhakah in 2nd Kings 19:9 King of Ethiopia was actually King of Sudan/Nubia not Ethiopia although the border lines changed back and forth. King Tirhakah's father, King Pianki was before him.
Many Black African cultures came out of these areas and spread throughout Africa, and every time a new invader came they scattered more and some that ended up on the west coast of Africa were eventually captured by slave traders and brung to the Americas.
Ethiopia (Gen 2:13) represents the origin of "a system of ETHICS."
The name Ethiopia means Ethical Vision. Ethia refers to Ethics, Opia refers to seeing, there for, Ethi-opia means "Ethical Focus.
An Ethiopian Queen named Bilkis visited King Solomon in Jerusalem (1King 10:1). Queen Bilkis came from the Kingdom of Sheba which was part of the Sudan/Ethiopia Empire. This empire included Upper Egypt, Ethiopia and Arabia, which included the Kingdom of Sheba.
I hope you can see were Iam going with this little tid bit of AFRICAN and AFRICAN BIBLICAL HISTORY, so the looming question that I want to pose to you Min Baker is: did you know this information and if you do why are you hiding it from the people you are trying to advance? and if you didn't know will you do a little research of the continent of AFRICA of which the countries of Egypt/Kemet/Mizraim/Put/Libya/Lubim/Tahpanes/Migdol/Noph, and Pathros, and others in the Bible with the name of Egypt mentioned in the Bible over 6000 times and show me where I am wrong? And last I challenge both of ya'll to read a book on the history of the Continent of Africa seven (7) times, and I guarantee you will have a different veiw of history.

sjb said...

2007 Augusta-Richmond County, GA Commission Races

Tanya M. Barnhill
2857 Pepperdine Dr.
Hephzibah, GA 30815
Bernard Harper (Incumbent)
3515 Becton Rd
Hephzibah, GA 30815
Alvin Duane Mason
3770 Pinnacle Place Drive
Hephzibah, GA 30815
706-791-7396 (Bus)
706-793-1991 (Home)
Melvin E. Ford
1656 Luckey Street
Augusta, GA 30901
Freddie Lee Handy
2700 Richmond Hill Road
Augusta, GA 30906
706-790-9316 (Home)
706-726-3064 (Bus)
Charlie Hannah
1603 Jonathan Court
Augusta, GA 30906
Corey L. Johnson, Sr.
2222 Woodland Avenue
Augusta, GA 30904
706-736-4435 (Home)
706-922-5629 (Bus)
Willie W. Law
2122 Sanders Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906
706-339-4951 (Home)
706-814-9914 (Business)
Michael Meyers
1439 Augusta Ave.
Augusta, GA 30901
706-495-0049 (Home)
706-722-4222 (Business)
Juanita L. Burney
2208 Cadden Road
Augusta, GA 30906
Rosa Clemons
2049 Rosier Road
Augusta, GA 30906
706-796-8446 (Home)
706-772-8667 (Bus)
Joseph Thomas Jackson II
2328 Neal Street
Augusta, GA 30906
Antonio C Lewis
3406 Kenneth Court
Augusta, GA 30906
Elmer R. Singley
2240 Moncrieff St.
Augusta, GA 30906
706-790-4599 (Home)
706-832-2914 (Cell)
Jimmy Smith (Incumbent)
1332 Brown Road
Hephzibah, GA 30815
706-798-3890 (Home)
706-724-8277 (Business)
John B. Butler
803 Russell St.
Augusta, GA 30904
Don Grantham (Incumbent)
808 Quail Court
Augusta, GA 30909
706-738-2331 (Home)
706-738-7786 (Bus)

Diego said...

Augusta Georgia: Investigative Reporter Scott Hudson of WGAC radio wrote the following and is interested in feed back regarding the article.
It Must Be Scott Hudson
Sheriff Ronald Strength and law enforcement from the local level all the way up to the federal level celebrated the largest gun and drug bust in Georgia history recently. That bust has stirred some interesting conversation. Rather than the debate being about the fact that 70 or so thugs are off the streets, people are now blaming the police for racial profiling. Yes, it is true; all of the gang members rounded up are black. That fact is something that breaks my heart.

Normally, I would quote someone else or cite a study or a statistic, but in this case I can speak as an authority. My senior honors thesis in college was about racial reconciliation in the American south. To complete that thesis, I took dozens of courses in history, African-American history, sociology, and research methods. I interviewed people and conducted research projects. I am sure what I am going to say here will rub some the wrong way, but someone has to say it.

There are differences between Americans of African and European decent. In other words, black and white folks are different and the differences are cultural. The differences happened over the centuries. Some of the cultural differences came from the fact that culture in Africa was drastically different from what the enslaved people encountered when they reached this continent and others evolved from the elements of life over time. The enslaved Americans did everything they could to preserve their customs in the face of their hardship. For example, black people tend to find unusual or unique names for their children. This can be traced back to the continent of Africa. In practice, a child was not named until after it had lived a solid week. It was the father that named the child, and it was considered the greatest gift (aside from creating the young life) that he bestowed, and it was considered a solemn duty before God. The importance of naming in African-American culture survives to this day.

Another cultural fact revolves around cooking food. In college, while working in a restaurant, I noticed that the black people I served almost always ordered steaks well done. Curious to this, I conducted a case study to determine why one segment of our local society behaved in a manner consistently when other segments did not. My results were that somewhere around 98% of African-Americans in Augusta order their steak well done. Now, this was only a study conducted in Augusta, so it cannot be considered empirical since it was not a nationwide study conducted on a basis that pinpointed exact national origin. The fact remains that Americans of other noticeable decent rather than the continent of Africa order steak everywhere from raw to medium to burned. The next step was to determine why this difference exists and we came up with two theories. One theory maintained that black people were culturally engrained to cook meat thoroughly because slaves would not have received the best cuts of meat and therefore to avoid illness always cooked their food well. That theory was dispelled after research concluded that slaves typically ate the same food as that prepared for their white owners. Also, there were plenty of poor free whites who certainly could not afford fine cuts of meat and our research showed non-blacks ordering steak in all levels of temperature.

The other theory took us back to Africa. In traditional customs we studied, people believed everything living had some semblance of a soul. Food was considered a gift from whatever the source, animal or plant. Before consuming, the living soul should be fully released, hence the desire to never see blood. It was disrespectful to the food to not fully cook it and an affront to the God that provided the food. This theory, rooted in fact, held up to scrutiny. One segment of society behaves in a consistent manner based on a deeply engrained cultural practice. Those results mean nothing to the average person, but to researchers like myself, it was an explanation that was exciting and fun little riddle to solve.

European-Americans did manage to rob African-Americans of one important cultural heritage. Remember earlier, I said the father gave the name to the child? Well, the father, in parts of Africa that experienced the slave trade, did much more that simply give a name to his offspring. The father minded the child as long as he held breath in his body. Marriage in these communities, according to Dr. Michael Searles of Augusta State University, was a sacred pact made under God between one man and one woman, and children were the prized fruit of that union. Slavery nearly destroyed that custom in black American society. Bondsmen were not legally able to marry in America. If a slave owner fell upon hard times, he might sell off a man without thinking of what family ties he might have had. Siring children was important and a man of considerable worthiness might be lent to someone else for that purpose alone. Now I know some are going to bristle at what I am saying here, but the truth is the truth and my mission in life is to provide you with the truth.

Black people were enslaved, they were freed to a system that kept them in de-facto slavery, they faced water hoses and dogs, they had to sit at the back of the bus, and they had to claw away and overcome the limits that white people placed on them. That is a testament to the fundamental spirit and tenacity of the race that heralds from the continent of Africa. However, the destruction of the role of the father in black culture is where we can pinpoint the modern problem of why so many young black males are in the prison system.

After slavery, families were fractured. Many young kids had no idea who their fathers were. Under Jim Crow, men had to migrate to where work could be found and that minimized their time in the household. All young male children need an “alpha-male” in their life. I certainly had one. Without a stable male influence, children turn to other sources. They band together. The term “baby-daddy” is something unique to the African-American segment of society. After centuries of simply being a sire why would we expect modern men to act any different?

Yes, the gangs in Augusta are comprised of young black men. If you go to criminal court, the majority of people rounded up are young black men. It should break the heart of everyone in our community. Police are not looking to lock up young black men; they simply want criminals off the street. Instead of blaming the police for profiling we should be looking at why one segment of society is participating in a situation spurring a police inquiry that made national headlines. Why are so many young black men involved in gang activity? The only answer is for people to understand why we are at this point and work to fix the situation. If the black father figure is restored in the inner city, there will be many more young black men ordering well-done steaks in restaurants and fewer eating what is given to them on a prison menu. Everyone one of us, of all colors, need to understand our shared history. We should celebrate what each culture brought to our American table, and we must work to reverse the mistakes of the past.
by Scott Hudson

story teller said...

This is a response to Mr. Scott Hudson's comment. Let me first say, that I think Scott's heart was in the right place when he wrote his article?

The first part of his comments that got me was he stated:

"Yes it is true; all of the gang members rounded up are black. That fact is something that breaks my heart" Mr. Hudson said.

Don't quote me, but if I can remember, between 30 and 40 of the 70 people arrested were identified as gang members and although some of them were shown in the paper, all of the ethnicities were not identified, and you better believe
that there are some white gang members in south Augusta.

However, I do agree that some of us in the African-American community have their head in the sand about what our black youth are doing, and we have to start becoming more aware as a community, and if your heart is really broken Mr. Hudson, we can use your help. The next time your driving through the hood pull over and get out and talk to some of our youth.

Now if Mr. Hudson had just stopped right there, I would have given him an (A+) on his comments, only because, he's the only one to turn his homework in, but I gave him a ( B+ ).

But then he said:

"Normally, I would quote someone else or cite a study or a statistic, but in this case I can speak as an authority"

WOW!! he got my attention.

He further went on to say that he took dozens of courses in HIS-STORY
including African-American
HIS-STORY for his COLLEGE thesis, and while preparing for that thesis, he became an AUTHORITY on African-Americans by studying Ya'll
while he was serving you your meals at a local restaurant here in Augusta, Ga.

Before I go further, let me break down the word AFRICA for you, because Mr. Hudson correctly goes back to AFRICA to satisfy his quadaries about Black People's behaviors in Augusta, Ga to complete his COLLEGE thesis.

In the beginning was the word,
The word was AFRICA.

This word was the representation of AFRICA.

And in AFRICA everything was made,
and in fact, without AFRICA there was nothing made that was made.

In the ancient AFRICAN language of Metu Neter, AFRICA ( Af-Ri-Ca )

Af = meaning the SOURCE

Ri (ra) = meaning the SON

Ca (Ka) = meaning the SOUL

Therefore, AFRICA means:


So in other words, Scott went back to the SOURCE.

Now this is where Mr. Hudson really wanted to show us what he learned after all that studing for his COLLEGE thesis.

He said, "there are differences between Americans of AFRICAN and European descent. In other words, black and white folks are different and the differences are cultural", he said. I never would have thunk, thanks Scott.

But he gets even better, he said that: " black people tend to find unusual or unique names for their children. This can be traced back to the continent of AFRICA. In practice, a child was not named until after it had lived a solid week", Scott said.

And this is why I gave Scott a(B+), first he went back to AFRICA,(The SOURCE), and second he's correct.

In fact, this AFRICAN tradition goes back for thousands of years, and was passed on to the Hebrews as we see in the bible in Luke 2:21

Luke 2:21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the Child, His name was called JE'SUS, which was so named of the angel before He was conceived in the womb.

After a full week, is the eighth day, and I think we all agree that, JE'SUS is an unusual and definately an Unique name, so we're trying to keep the tradition alive Mr Hudson, although I agree that some of the names we come up with today are truly unusual, and I know one of us have a daughter, sister, niece, grand daughter, or know someone named UNIQUE.

And then he went even deeper to really show off his authority on his knowedge of Black people, by telling us that while serving Black people at a local restaurant here in Augusta, around 98% of the AFRICAN-Americans he served always ordered their steak well done. Again I don't know about
98% of the Black people in Augusta
all ordering well done steaks, but I do order my steaks well done. Good observation Scott, but if you had just checked with any health professional they will tell you to cook your meat thoroughly or well done so why the quandary? must have been alot of slow days at that restaurant, and he didn't even tell us how many bit's it took a Black indiviual to eat that well done steak, now that would have really impressed me.

But ever faithful, Scott went back to the SOURCE ( AFRICA ), even to find out why do we as Black people order our steaks well done.

And thanks again Scott for taking us back to AFRICA ( THE SOURCE ),
because the oldest recorded evidence of fire being used by human beings is found in the region of KENYA, east Africa dating back to over one million years ago, as well as the oldest skeletal remains on record being found in both KENYA and it's northern neighbor ETHIOPIA. The oldest recorded stoves were also found in AFRICA, so I guess AFRICANS have probably been eating their steaks well done for a very long time. Also out of the stove technology came the brickkiln, which also was passed on throughout AFRICA as we see in Jeremiah 43:9

Jeremiah 43:9 Take great stones in thine hand, and hide them in the clay in the brickkiln, which is at the entry of Pha'roah's house in Tah'pan-hes, in the sight of the men of Judah. Tah'pan-nes is located in Egypt, east Africa.

And you know how us Black people are, while Pha'roah wasn't looking, we were cooking those steaks well done in between making bricks.

And last Scott is also right in pointing out that slavery broke up the family structure, which was a vital part if the slave owner wanted to keep control and invoke fear, and to instill the detachment of the slaves from one another, because they knew not to form strong bonds with others because as property they knew who they saw today could be gone tomorrow, a trait we may still harbor.

Well overall I think Scott Hudson did an ok job, but I am very disappointed in Scott, because he said he was an authority and that he knew the difference's between Black and White folks, and I hate to say it Scott Hudson, but you seem to show a bias, due to the fact that you didn't mention anything about White folk's idiosyncasies.

So here's just a few suggestions that Black inquiring minds want to know:

Why do White people even bother putting a steak in the pan if you want to eat it raw?

At what temperature did Jeffery Dahmer eat people, raw, med, or well done?

Whats up with all the young White female teachers fooling around with little boys, which by the way is probably around 98% of the cases, same question for white male teachers?

Why is it that most of the serial killers around the world are White males?

The same question for serial rapist, who tend to be white?

Why is it that most of these kids shooting up schools, and malls 95%young White boys?

Why is it that most the the Clergy who molest young boys turn out ot be White Catholic Preist?

Why is it that White people tend to kill their own parents more than any other race?

Why did you find it important to monitor Black people ordering steaks, and what benefit did you gain from this knowledge?

If you just answer one of these questions, please let it be about why Debra Lafave can't leave little boys alone? and what does that say about White men?

Do you consider the K.K.K., the skin heads, the neo nazi's, the aryan nation, and other simular white organizatons gangs, and if not, what do ya'll call them?

Do you ever watch the Jerry Springer show, where the world gets a chance to watch real White behavior uncut? cousins marrying cousins, sisters marrying brothers,
and everything in between?

And last do you see a little racism in the subject matter you chose to use for your COLLEGE thesis? I mean you said you took dozens of courses in history, and African-American history, and the best that you could come up with to talk about is how we name our kids, and that we like to eat well done steak? and by the way, what grade did your professor give you?

Diego said...

From the John Edwards website:

Create a Citizen Congress: Most Americans can only exert significant influence on Washington by voting every two or four years. Despite the growth of communications technology, most voters are no closer to Washington policymakers than they were hundreds of years ago. Edwards believes in the wisdom of the American people and the power of deliberation. Every two years, he will ask 1 million citizens nationwide to participate in Citizen Congresses combining local town halls with the latest technology to create true national discussions, unfiltered by interest groups. Americans will discuss the challenges and trade-offs facing our country and offer advisory opinions to leaders. Part of an emerging movement to continue the democratic process between elections, citizen-centered projects have given ordinary people a voice in designs for the World Trade Center memorial, the redevelopment of New Orleans, health care reform in California and local issues in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

From the Barack Obama website (Ethics Reform Plan):
(1) SUNLIGHT BEFORE SIGNING: Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Barack Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days. In
addition to ensuring that the public has the ability to review legislation, the sunlight will help ensure that earmarks tucked into appropriations bills are exposed. And Obama will sign legislation in the light of day without attaching signing statements that undermine the legislative intent.

Diego said...

Gays in the military is the question of the day? It is perfectly okay for closet gays to serve Why not let openly gay people serve in the military while?
I decided to explore this question in the most practical and least offensive manner possible.
I put on my thinking cap and called my gay cousins. One is a homosexual and his sister is a lesbian.
BTW, they have a straight brother, Go figure, three siblings and one of each.
Anyway, I asked them if allowing open gays in the military was a good idea? Randall, the drag queen, who also is an honorably discharged Vet from 4 years the Air Force had this to say. "The only way it would work would be if everyone had their own private quarters. Now the same genders shower and everything together. I understand straight people being uncomfortable getting naked in front of someone who they feel be attracted to them. That is the big hurdle. Give everyone private quarters and problem is 96% solved. The 4% remaining is attitudes."
Joan, the lesbian chimed in, "Sometimes the activist expect the majority to change to benefit us. I believe we all are Americans and deserve a shot at the same things. However somethings are unreasonable because of gender, physical condition, plain old smarts and without a doubt sexual orientation. The military is all about not having sex. That is the kicker. The military segregates according to gender so sex does not happen. That won't work with gays since they have sexual attraction to the same gender and it won't work if they segregate according to sexual attractions. You figure out why."
After a little research I found today we have thousands of sexual pathologies. To wish the ability to become invisible and visit certain shower rooms is classified as Voyeurism or ˜peeping tom? I am told Voyeurism is listed as paraphillia (more commonly known as sexual perversions or deviancies).
So is Exhibitionism, fetishism ,Frotteurism, Pedophilia, Transvestism, Sexual Masochism and Sadism.
Urges or behaviors of a sexual nature that generate victims are just plain wrong.
Wrongs are those sexual disorders that center around children, non-humans (animals, objects, materials), or harming others or oneself.
But what about other forms of variant sexual deviancy such as transvestism and many forms of fetishism that harm no one? Examples include preoccupation relating sexually to only a part of the body, dead people, feces, urine, animals, vegtables and yada yada yada...
One may argue these are simply alternate lifestyles or these people are born this way and like homosexuality should be recognized as a completely normal variant of human sexuality? huh??? Perhaps all this should be classified as normal variants of moral behavior.
Is anything considered normal sexual behavior?

Diego said...

People have so stereotyped disadvantaged people that receive public assistance that to many they are no more than vermin. Austin Rhodes refers to Gilbert Manor residents as 'turds' and public housing as breeding grounds for thugs and dope dealers.
The following is a sample of postings on the Augusta Chronicle Bulletin Board.

Gilbert Manor
The problem with these turds, is that by providing for them, we greatly diminish the aid we can provide to those REALLY in need...the elderly and truly sick.
Can you believe these "guests" of the taxpayers? If you don't like your free or cheap digs...get the %$#@ out!
Hopefully I would be bright enough to realize that because I am depending on the taxes of others to pay most of my rent, that I don't get much say in WHERE my charity house is located. writes Austin Rhodes

Too many times have I driven by that project and seen able bodied men with their pants down nearly to their ankles just hanging around in the middle of the day when the rest of us are at work and PAYING for our own housing.
I guess you can call me a compassionate conservative, but one who's compassion only goes so far. Especially when part of my paycheck pays for some peoples housing, food, lottery tickets, cable tv, utilities, and now their lawyers.
I know how the game is played. Knock your girlfriend up, have her sign up for WIC, Section 8, food stamps, peachcare and lie to the case worker saying shes a single mother. Then shack up with her and get a job working in a restaurant kitchen but only work 29 hours a week so the gov't can't go after you for child support. Then use the proceeds from your drug sales to buy a really nice car...for cash. Writes Scott Hudson

Diego said...

Is Obama black enough or is he just not white enough or is he to white? Obama is a Mulatto. My friends look at me at if I'm stupid or as if I insulted Obama by saying he is Mulatto. Personally I think that is great. Perhaps he would be the first President to really have an understanding of race relations at ground zero in America.
Just maybe America will realize that in the real world there is more gray than black and white on most issues.
Jim Crow era's "One Drop Rule" has resulted in suppression of the long and unique heritage of Mulattos here in the U.S. (particularly those born of voluntary black-white relations and therefore most likely to assume the Mulatto identity). Now, individuals with any part African heritage are socially expected to identify solely as "Black," even if culturally and phenotypically, they are different. Tiger Woods is a perfect example of the American DNA Cocktail.

Liberal whites, wittingly or unwittingly, still support the "One Drop Rule." African-Americans pressure Mulattos and those of multiracial backgrounds with any amount of African blood to identify solely as "Black," often accusing those who are not willing to deny their rich blend of backgrounds of "rejecting their blackness"

My 4 year old great niece argues that black people are really brown. White people are pinky brown. lol

(There's a very interesting and informative ebook available entitled "Passing for Who You Really Are"

Diego said...

Hey Champ,
Have you ever noticed when Democrats talk about public housing, child care and national medical care the Republicans call it socialism but when Republicans want to build a new ball park, convention center or water park they call it economic development.

DD1 said...

Good afternoon Champ, I know it has been a while since I have contacted you. It is ashame that some of our people will not support Barack Obama. He has repeatedly denied false accusations about his history. Barack came on cnn yesterday and said that he believes in Jesus Christ and that he has never been a muslin. I believe God has given us in Barack Obama all the characters need to be a history making president. We all need to stand with him and not against him. In my opinion, Bill and Hillary Clinton are showing their TRUE CHARACTER WHEN THEY MAKE THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS ABOUT BARACK OBAMA. People should be educated enough not to believe everything they see or here on television and especially the African American community! He loves his God and family and we all need to stand with him all the way to the white house. May God Bless.

DD1 said...

Good afternoon Champ, I know it has been a while since I have contacted you. It is ashame that some of our people will not support Barack Obama. He has repeatedly denied false accusations about his history. Barack came on cnn yesterday and said that he believes in Jesus Christ and that he has never been a muslin. I believe God has given us in Barack Obama all the characters needed to be a history making president. We all need to stand with him and not against him. In my opinion, Bill and Hillary Clinton are showing their TRUE CHARACTER WHEN THEY MAKE THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS ABOUT BARACK OBAMA. People should be educated enough not to believe everything they see or here on television and especially the African American community! He loves his God and family and we all need to stand with him all the way to the white house. May God Bless.

Diego said...

Austin Rhodes claims his fans are the movers and shakers, the affluent and educated.

Posted on AC bulletin board: Here is sample of the Rhodes' fan club.
Should Sams lie and obfuscate in federal court as she has done with the press and others, she will join her buddy, Charles Walker in a federal pokey. The 2005 grand jury findings were rght on target with her incompetence, but nothing was done about it. Now, the feds will rule and they DO enforce their rulings.

I for one am sick of people of Ms. Sams' complexion being exonerated for any and everything simply because of skin color. Champ Walker and Marion Williams are the most divisive forces in the CSRA. In fact, they are racists with many many years of history and precedent to substantiate the claim. Yes, Austin made a comment on her what? He does stuff like that to all.

Diego said...

The following is an exchange on the Augusta Chronicle Bulletin Board after a post by Diego defending the Procurement Department:

austin rhodes wgac radio writes:
This is one of the severe problems I have with Diego...he gets about
30% of the information he needs and runs with it...or worse...he
misunderstands a quote or an exchange, and he slanders those involved only to
have to come back later and apologize. He said I threatened Champ
Walker in our little discussion last week...went on the air with Champ to
talk about it (Champ didn't correct him, by the way)...and then was later
told that it was CHAMP who said the nasty thing to ME.
He later said he would go on Champ's show and correct himself...he
never has.
The man is incompetent...and gullible. Given the people he has chosen
to associate with, that is a dangerous combination.

barrypaschal columbia county times writes:
Diego's lack of information unintentionally hilarious.
If you remember, one of Thompson's issues was that it WAS the hometown
company, but lost the bid - because of minority preferences built into
the process - to an ATLANTA company. Thompson's lawsuit initially
challenged their loss of the bid; they later expanded their suit to
challenge the legality of the city's minority preferences. The city conceded,
settled and ended the program.
The final blow: One of the bits of rationale used to give the higher
bid to J&B Construction of Atlanta was that the city would make lots of
money from tipping fees through J&B's use of the city's landfill.
Surprise, surprise: J&B didn't use the city landfill.
When Diego learns to write grammatically correct sentences and quit
trusting unreliable ax-grinding people and passing along unsupportable
gossip and just plain bad information, maybe he'll have something useful
to add to the debate.

Diego Sevi responding Quote:
The lockstep boys, Rhodes & Paschal, arrive hellbent to discredit
the opposition. What do they refute? Has either of them seen any
documents or talked to anyone at PD or DBE or the Law Office or
ANIC or CSRA Business League or or or..........??? NO

Austin Rodes---never said your day is coming--Champ said that--I was
wrong, I admit it---sooo the correct story must be Champ threatened
Rhodes and Rhodes called Champ and apologized for being threatened by bad
Rhodes only parrots what he is told and has not had an original
thought in his life...he is just a water-boy for those in a social
class he drools to be a member of...never happen just allowed
some peeks and a sniff at what will never'll always eat in
the kitchen.
Rhodes made a mistake he thought SCLC meant... stupid Caucasian
loser conference------his bad, wrong meeting ----Rhodes may be the
first white to complain about blacks not protesting for whites...hmmmm
new concept
Barry Paschal-There was No minority preferences buiilt into the
Bid process - Check it out. You might ask why the lawsuit was
More Parroting. FOOLS

Diego said...

Today I feel as a community we in Augusta, Georgia are seeing the perversion of the law.
In my humble opinion a team of shysters and shake-down artists calling themselves activist, businessmen and lawyers use legal loopholes, questionable tactics and their access to a friendly press to convict Geri Sams and taint public opinion. Their latest tactic; Geri Sams is now threaten to be "Sued for Speaking Out" unless she retracts statements made in an interview with editor Tom Grant of the Metro Spirit. This is an obvious retalitory threat and has all the looks of A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") This form of lawsuit is frequently filed to intimidate and silence the Geri Sams or opponents by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense. Truth or justice be damned and as usual the lawyers always win regardless of which side they are on.
The Augusta Chronicle ignores the many many flaws in this so called investigative reporting. It is as if the plaintiff and the Chronicle are working hand in hand with each other.
It is unbelievable at the level of anger and apathy this community is displaying. Those of us who see this injustice for what it is and speak out have become the brunt of cruel and hateful commentary.
As Americans we are exhorted to be a part of something far bigger than our own existence. Everything is bigger than me so I seek to find the noble, righteous and the difficult because I tend to shrink my life down to the size of my own wants, needs, and feelings. Getting out of myself and stepping into a hostile arena of controversy and ridicule just ain't fun. However there is a clean and healthy feeling I feel about myself that makes it worth it when I advocate for Justice.
I cannot think of any advocacy bigger than justice for all of us. Therefore I seek to confront injustice. Justice to me does not necessarily mean I have decided the guilt or innocence of a person but rather I have decided they are not getting a fair shake at justice. That is when I step forward. When any person's presumption of innocence is taken away by the manipulation of public opinion by the media we must become acutely aware and skeptical of that media.
That is my plea to Americans. Ask yourselves if you are getting all the facts and is this person getting a fair shake.
My mantra is and will always be 'Justice, Justice, Justice.'
I have accumulated many critics, perhaps even some enemies. Some seek to label me as a fool others as an idealist. My words are scoffed at and my motives questioned. To these I offer the words of General Douglas MacArthur, "The unbelievers will say they are but words, but a slogan, but a flamboyant phrase. Every pedant, every demagogue, every cynic, every hypocrite, every troublemaker, and, I am sorry to say, some others of an entirely different character, will try to downgrade them even to the extent of mockery and ridicule."
All who value Freedom must realize that without Justice there is no Freedom. If an injustice is even suspected it is our duty to confront it and not allow it to take place for tomorrow it may be we who have the injustice brought on our heads.
I think it was George Washington who said ."When it comes to matters of truth it is what the public thinks it is." He was speaking of how the biased press of the day was castigating him, even saying he wanted to be King of America. Yes, even Washington had his Augusta Chronicle.
Today, in Augusta, I see some of the media that is biased, unfair and mean spirited.
This media is not a friend to Americans but simply a voice for an ideology and the like minded.
I encourage Americans to not be hoodwinked into anything. Listen to all sides and investigate before deciding. Always keep an open mind.
The rubber really meets the road of life when we must chose between doing what is right or simply being apathetic.
Speaking out or being silent, being comfortable or being uncomfortable defines whether we are a people of conscience or merely self-centered. Determining a purpose for my life demands so much more than being very comfortable in my nest. I am setting an example and I have young eyes upon me.
diego sevi 3/12/08

Diego said...

EVERY CHILD IS COLLEGE MATERIAL IF THEY WANT TO, whatever your guidance counselor told you about your child not being equipped for the next level, tell them that Dr. Boyce said THEY ARE WRONG.

Rules of the Game By
Dr. Boyce Watkins

Education is your vehicle, its kinda like your first car
Here are tips from the top on how to live like a star
You think schools not important and you let your grades slide? Well, buckle up my negro, cause Im pimpin your ride

Some think school is important, some think that its not
But its Ludicrous to think youll get that number one spot
Without that paper in your pocket, youre getting no love
That top position that your aint hiring scrubs

Do you want to fly like an eagle or live your life with a limp?
Pimpin aint too easy, but it sucks getting pimped
Some people think good grades come to those who are smart
But you cant be a great heart surgeon if you aint go no heart

If you got good grades already, then the burdens no lighter
Your GPA is slammin, but it can always be tighter

And when you hit that first obstacle and youve just been beat down Are you gonna get up like a fighter or lie down like a clown?

College is the place to make your dreams come true
But making silly choices can create nightmares for you

So, let me pimp your ride and Imma start with the rims

24 inch spinners, the paint job matching your tims

Number 1: study for 6 hours a day
If you are consistent and persistent then your hard work will pay Pulling all nighters might make sense when your doing it see
But that F on your exam is what youre getting from me

Number 2: dont allow yourself to skip any class
Days off never pay off when youre trying to pass
But passing all your classes is not your first role
Be a baller and a scholar, straight As are your goal

Number 3: Dont feel you have to drink till your drunk
Cause cupid makes you stupid when the partys too crunk
We have rapists and drunk drivers when the liquor gets full
And lifetime alcoholics when they get out of school

Number 4: dont forget this part of the rhyme
NEVER drop out of college for any reason, any time!
People leave school for a second, to get out of that cage
Then they're 35 with 3 kids making minimum wage

Number 5: make sure you learn to manage your time
Your time is like your money, you should count every dime Procrastination is a gamble, dont rely on your luck
Or youll crap out and be busted, with a report card that sucks

Number 6: Getting a college degree is real cool
But to make the monster money, go to graduate school
I promise that if youre willing to go that last mile
The bling on your check will match the bling in your smile

Number 7: make sure you know your major by heart
Know every class youre taking from the end to the start
Know all the classes that you need to get the degree in your hand Dont be sitting at the end, saying I didnt know man!

Number 8: baby mamas are created by sex
And child support's like pacman when it eats up your check
If you call yourself a player and eager to please
The campus is a GREAT place to catch a nasty disease!

Life is kinda serious, and it aint playin no games
You have to come out dunkin like your names Lebron James
Cause if you dont hustle like hustler to get that last inch
Youll find yourself defeated at the end of the bench

Yes this ride is costly, cause pimpin aint free
But your whip will be the tightest if you listen to me
Whether you want a life of freedom or just want some cash
Or if you want a chromed out Bently with DVDs in the dash

Education lets you travel down the highway of life
It creates freedom for your kids or your husband or wife
Youll drive this ride forever, until you are dead
So get on it if you want, cause its built in your head

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College. He makes regular appearances in national media, including CNN, FOX, ESPN, and Essence Magazine. For more information, please visit

Diego said...

Music Festival Drops James Brown « on: February 05, 2004, 03:13

---- A music festival no longer wants the
Godfather of Soul to grace its name.
The once-dubbed James Brown Music Festival will drop its
affiliation with Brown because of the public backlash
after his arrest on a domestic violence charge.
The annual May event will still be held downtown,
but it will revert to its original name,
the Garden City Music Festival, the Greater Augusta Arts Council
decided Wednesday. "We were not able to find corporate sponsors,
" said arts council Executive Director Brenda Durant.
Brown pushed his wife, 33-year-old Tomi Rae Brown, to
the floor during an argument in a bedroom of their
Beech Island, S.C., home and threatened to kill her
while holding a chair over her, according to an
Aiken County sheriff's report. She had scratches and bruises
on her right arm and hip and was taken to an Augusta
hospital, deputies said. Brown has denied the accusations.
Whether Brown will still perform at the festival is uncertain.
The city of Augusta is moving forward with plans for a
$40,000 bronze statue of Brown, which is scheduled to
be unveiled the day before the music festival.
Officials approved a $10,000 payment toward the monument's
construction Wednesday without discussion.
Brown grew up in Augusta and has had offices and a
radio station in the city.

James Brown concert Payback
Isn't it strange how there were less than 1000 people at the event
last Saturday and the ticket price was $39 dollars in advance
an $45 at the gate and we haven't heard a word about it.
Why? The Chronicle made a fuss out of this world about the JBMF .
They interviewed 4-5 surrounding states and told the readers
that the prices were too high. The James Brown Festival tickets
were 39 for the entire week, had 120 artist, 20 something vendors,
an visual arts tour (Visual Soul) and 20 something
front page NEGATIVE stories. They told everyone that a few
hundred people showed up. They blame the low turnout on possible
rain. How about the heat factor that kept people from
attending the JBMF. The worst part about the recent coverage
is that James Brown actually performed and everything they alluded
to about Champ proved to be otherwise. He proved everything they
were saying was incorrect. Steven Uhles can't sleep at night.
Champ had thousands of more people. IMAGINE if they would have
helped him. How stupid is it to have two events.
One black and one white. Somebody explain this nonsense.
Tell the truth. When Tom Clarks group back out at the last
minute the Chronicle took up for him ( since they were a part of
the deal). My goodness everybody knew that he didn't even have
them booked officially and he made a bet on ticket sales.
Something that is a no no for any promoter.
James Brown showed and Champ said he would the whole time.
Heck, Austin lost a bet for $100 bucks.
By the Way Sen. Walker is coming home 2012. And maybe 2010.
Riverman, I think you were right.
Go to Champs website and you will see evidence.